Jun 29, 2018, 6:00 PM – Jul 01, 2018, 4:00 PM



Since Croatia is almost certainly playing on Sunday,

we can now announce the schedule for the Mladifest weekend!

Friday June 29 ‎
‎4:00-6:00 pm – Check in‎ – ‎Hall ‎
‎6:00-7:00 pm – Ice breakers ‎– ‎Hall ‎
‎7:00-8:00 pm – Introduction & groups‎ – ‎Hall
‎8:00-8:30 pm – Talk (Don Ante) – ‎Hall ‎
‎8:30 – 9:00 pm – Praise & worship‎ – ‎Church ‎
‎9:00-9:30 pm – Misa – ‎Church ‎
‎9:30-10:00 pm – Social – ‎Hall ‎
‎10:00 pm – Go home; host families pick up ‎

Saturday June 30 ‎
‎8:30-9:00 am – Breakfast ‎– ‎Park
‎9:00-9:30 am – Talk (Don Damir Stojić) ‎– ‎Park ‎
‎9:30-10:00 am – Talk (Dave Patterson) – ‎Park
‎10:00-10:15 am – Break ‎
‎10:15-10:45 am – Talk (Father Tomislav Kasić)‎ – ‎Park
‎11:15-11:30 am – Break
‎11:30-12:00 pm – Talk (Roberta Skoko)‎ – ‎Park
‎12:00-1:45 pm – Lunch‎ – ‎Park
‎2:00-2:30 pm – Talk (Dave Patterson) ‎– ‎Park
‎2:30-2:45 pm – Examination of Conscience – Park
‎2:45-4:00 pm – Small group discussions/Confession - Park ‎
‎4:00-4:30 pm – Photo with drone – Park
‎4:30-5:00 pm – Misa preparation
‎5:00-6:15 pm – Misa‎ – ‎Park
‎6:15-7:45 pm – Večera‎ – ‎Hall
‎7:45-8:15 pm – Talk (Don Ante Market) – ‎Church
‎8:15-8:45 pm – Adoration‎ – ‎Church
‎9:00-11:00 pm – Nova Eva – Park


Sunday July 1 ‎
‎8:00-8:30 am – Breakfast ‎– ‎Park
‎8:30-8:45 am – Morning prayer‎ – ‎Park
‎8:45-9:15 am – Talk 5 (Sister Helena Burns)‎ – ‎Park
‎9:15-10:00 am‎ – ‎Girls & Guys talk – Park ‎
‎10:15-11:00 am – Share sessions‎ – ‎Park
‎11:00-11:30 am - Prepare for misa - Park
‎11:30-12:30 pm – Misa‎ – ‎Park
‎12:30 pm‎ – ‎Lunch & World cup game‎ – ‎Park




"Bit cete mi svjedoci sve do kraja zemlje"
(Dj 1,8)
You will be my witnesses to the ends of the earth.
(Acts 1:8)


It is more than just another event – “it ‎is the experience that will bring joy and ‎excitement into your life.‎

It is one of the highlights of the ‎Croatian Catholic summer.”‎
‎(Ivan Budisa, Mississauga)‎

It is three days of deep prayer coupled ‎with times of extreme fun and fellowship ‎as we gather for games, meals, ‎phenomenal talks, Mass and Adoration ‎and much more!‎


You and your Croatian Catholic friends ‎aged 16-30.‎

If you are 12-15 or over 30, you can ‎register as volunteer.‎


June 28 – July 1, 2018‎
Friday, 6 pm
Sunday afternoon

and you will live of these moments for a ‎long time after.‎


Croatian Martyrs Parish
Ontario, Canada


Because it will be epic.‎
Because you will experience God.‎
Because you are Christ’s witness.‎
Because it is “a place and time where you ‎get to rediscover who you are.”‎
‎(Iva Piperkovic, Montreal)‎

Because it is “an eye-opening and life ‎changing experience.”‎
‎(Ivona Macan, Milwaukee)‎

Because “you have to go and see for ‎yourself!”‎
‎(Irena Susnjar, Calgary)‎

Because “I’ve met LOVE.”‎
‎(Marija Jelic, Montreal)‎


We, Croatian Catholic Youth, strive to bring all to know,
love and serve God through prayer and virtue.​



Don Ante Market

Don Ante Market is a priest born in Toronto currently in Rome working on his doctoral thesis.

Fr. Tomislav Kasić

Born in 1987 in Zagreb, Croatia, he is currently the pastor of the Croatian Martyrs Parish. In Canada since 2013.

David Patterson​

At the age of 21, David experienced a conversion to the Catholic faith at a Catholic retreat called SONfest. The experience motivated David to pursue his Master’s in Theology at St. Augustine’s and later began a youth ministry at St. Francis Xavier in Mississauga. It is through one of these youth ministry programs, EDGE Camp, where he met his wife. Blessed with a wonderful baby boy and another baby on the way, David loves playing the guitar, diving into Scripture, speaking to young people about Jesus and His Church, and of course playing with his son.  David is now serving as a Chaplaincy Leader for the Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board at St. Edmund Campion Secondary School.  It is challenging young Catholics to love Jesus Christ and embrace the life of the Church that keep David a joyful and humble disciple of Jesus.

Don Damir Stojić

Don Damir is a well known Salesian priest in Croatia and student chaplain at the University of Zagreb. Beloved by students across Croatia he will come home to address youths who are like him, children of Croatian immigrants. Born in Toronto. Top preacher in Croatia.

Sister Helena Burns

Sister Helena Burns is a member of the Daughters of St. Paul, an international congregation founded to communicate God's Word through the media. She has an M.A. in Media Literacy Education; a B.A. in theology and philosophy from St. John's University, NYC; studied screenwriting at UCLA and Act One, Hollywood; and holds a Certificate in Pastoral Youth Ministry. Sr. Helena is also studying at the Theology of the Body Institute, PA.


Sr. Helena gives Media Literacy and Theology of the Body workshops to youth and adults all over the U.S. and Canada, and believes that media can be a primary tool for sharing God's love and salvation.

Roberta Skoko

After graduating from Teachers College in 2012, Roberta Skoko was "called" into youth ministry, deviating from "her" original plan of teaching English Literature and Dramatic Arts at the high school level (we make plans, but God knows better!). Roberta has worked as a youth minister for four years, and is currently the youth coordinator for St. Francis Xavier Church in Mississauga. 
She is a part-time Catholic retreat leader, and is working on her Masters in Theological Studies at St. Augustine's Seminary in Toronto (also part-time!). 
Roberta is passionate about evangelization, specifically educating teens on the beauty, truth, and divinity of the Catholic Church, rekindling hope in authentic sacrificial love. 
She is newly married and is thoroughly enjoying striving to live out Christ's love for the Church with her spirited and loving husband (her greatest blessing!).

Croatia at the World Cup​

As you might know, Mladifest is held during the World Cup in Russia!

We hope and expect that Croatia will come through the group phase on to the Round of 16 and in that case we will either play a game on Saturday morning or Sunday at lunch time.

We invite you to watch the game with us, which will be the fun part of the Mladifest, and cheer and pray for our national team! Naprijed Hrvatska, naprijed Vatreni!



It started in Norval

The first three Mladifests were held in Norval, ON, Canada, where fra Tomislav Pek, the then associate pastor at the Queen of Peace Croatian Franciscan Centre conceived Mladifest as an evangelization event bringing young Croatian Catholics back to faith and connecting them accross the whole continent.

Mladifest is a youth rally for all Croatian Catholics throughout the United States and Canada. In 2013 North America saw its first real movement within the Croatian Catholic Communities. Youth from all sides of Canada and America gathered in Norval, Ontario for the first ever Mladifest. The movement was a huge success and gained speed over the coming years, in Norval until 2016 where it took its first steps away from home, and travelled to the Croatian Youth in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 2017, Mladifest moved to Vancouver. The journey continues in 2018 at the Croatian Martyrs in Mississauga.



‎1.‎    Kristina Budisa
‎2.‎    Josip Vujica
‎3.‎    Franjo Stanić
‎4.‎    Frankie Petrinović
‎5.‎    Mario Corkovic
‎6.‎    Julijana Seketa
‎7.‎    Mateo Piplica
‎8.‎    Josip Pavic
‎9.‎    Marko Pavic
‎10.‎    Rose Tominac
‎11.‎    Nikol Budisa
‎12.‎    Daniel Beg
‎13.‎    Vlado Zelich
‎14.‎    Marko Misic
‎15.‎    Mateo Sutic
‎16.‎    Melissa Malvoni
‎17.‎    Rose Budisa
‎18.‎    Alexis Surtees-Bilic
‎19.‎    Angela Mlinarevic
‎20.‎    Natalie Beg
‎21.‎    Luka Piplica
‎22.‎    Ivana Jazic
‎23.‎    Matteo Sepac
‎24.‎    Steven Budisa
‎25.‎    Tomislav Ivancic
‎26.‎    Kristina Corkovic
‎27.‎    Maria Budisa
‎28.‎    Tatjana Seketa
‎29.‎    Philip Magdic
‎30.‎    Kristina Mlinarevic
‎31.‎    Kristina Marinic
‎32.‎    Victoria Colakic
‎33.‎    Stipe Pavic
‎34.‎    Jelena Vujica
‎35.‎    Luka Brtan
‎36.‎    Ante Pavic
‎37.‎    Nikolina Nejasmic
‎38.‎    Mariana Mrše
‎39.‎    Peter Mrše
‎40.‎    James Bury
‎41.‎    Peter Bury
‎42.‎    Ivana Jažić
‎43.‎    Marijana Lončar
‎44.‎    Ivana Zelich
‎45.    Kristina Zelich
‎46.‎    Luka Rajič
‎47.‎    Emma Bošnjak
‎48.‎    Damjan Marčinko
‎49.‎    Marin Marčinko
‎50.‎    Daniel Bošnjak
‎51.‎    Tomislav Klasan
‎52.‎    Isabelle Wickert
‎53.‎    Danielle Wickert
‎54.‎    Juliana Depikolozvane
‎55.‎    Valentina Depikolozvane
‎56.‎    Danijela Projić
‎57.‎    Dennis Zmak
‎58.‎    Ivan Budisa
‎59.‎    Ivana Budisa
‎60.‎    Michael Tomljenovic
‎61.‎    Michael Menalo

62. Luka Medved

63. Krešimir Bušić

64. Daniel Jakšić

65. Valentina Jakšić

66. Jonathan Simic

67. Marko Busic

68. Tomislav Stanic

69. Tomislav Loncar

70. Nevio Nejasmic

71. Andrew Draganjac


  1. Ilija Gergo‎

  2. ‎Petra Bagaric

  3. ‎Karmela Kokanović

  4. ‎Josip Kozelj

  5. ‎Ivan Tomljenovic

  6. Ivan Bagaric

  7. ‎Christine Saric

  8. ‎Koleta Sola

  9. ‎Anastazia Maric

  10. Maria Culjak

  11. ‎Nicole Salapic

  12. Mia Ivancic‎

  13. Nikola Kozelj

  14. ‎Kristiana Cavar

  15. ‎Josip Kozelj

  16. ‎Jelena Mandic

  17. Tijana Bagaric

  18. ‎Anda Vidackovic

  19. ‎Kristiana Ćavar

  20. ‎Viktor Gergo

  21. ‎Nikolina Mandic

  22. Marina Sola

  23. ‎Jozo Sola

  24. ‎Magdalena Bojo

  25. Jelena Mandić

  26. ‎Nikolina Mandic

  27. ‎Ivan Skoko

  28. ‎Ivana Miletić

  29. Julia Knez

  30. Madeline Knez

  31. Marko Knez

  32. Ivan Curic

  33. Andrea Novokmet

  34. Natalie Novokmet

  35. Nikola Anic

  36. Nikola Zarkovic

  37. Aly Tomas

  38. Mia Ivančić


  1. Marijana Market

  2. Manda Misic

  3. Tony Misic

  4. Ivan Kralj

  5. Ivan Misic

  6. Tijana Pacarek

  7. Alen Mijackovic

  8. Manda Misic

  9. Andrija Pacarek


  1. Rafael Ante Orlovic

  2. Petar Vidjen

  3. Anna Maria Lucic


  1.   Josip Balaban

  2.   Amanda Rupcich

  3.   Ivan Pavic

  4.   Nikola Maros

  5.   Mateo Balaban

  6.   Marija Pavic

  7.   Tomislav Brkić

  8.   Angelina Jurcic

  9.   Gabriela Džoja


‎1.    Luka Jerbić
‎2.‎    Mate Mijolovic
‎3.‎    Marko Piperković
‎4.‎    Kristina Piperković
‎5.‎    Dominik Jerbić
‎6.‎    Matia Komšić
‎7.‎    Hrvoje Kovac
‎8.‎    Marina Markota
‎9.‎    Dominik Bokor
‎10.‎    Josip Eremut
‎11.‎    Anton Arapović
‎12.‎    Vedrana Polundak
‎13.‎    Ana Maria Rota
‎14.‎    Marija Jelić
‎15.‎    Lucija Jelić
‎16.‎    Iva Piperkovic
‎17.‎    Sofia Eremut
‎18.‎    Andrea Čudina
‎19.‎    Orlando Horak

20.    Marko Tokic


  1. Časna sestra Agneta

  2. ‎   Maria Didak
    ‎3.‎    Anita Didak
    4.‎    Lorenzo D'Alessandro
    5.‎    Tomislav Cisija
    ‎6.‎    Katarina Grgic
    ‎7‎.    Andjela Didak ‎


        NEW YORK

  1. Kristina Patrk

  2. Marko Bosnjak‎

  3. Marko Patrk

  4. ‎Marino Patrk

  5. Niko Patrk

  6. Tatjana Mustac

  7. Anthony Katic

  8. Ante Lozina


  1. Antonela Nikolić

  2. Magdalena Beljan

  3. Yvanna Jefak

  4. Ivana Glavić


  1. Marko Jurković

  2. Jasminka Jukic

  3. Anton Culjak

  4. Vida Vasilj

  5. Dario Paraga

  6. Ozana Paraga

  7. Monika Culjak

  8. Marko Culjak

  9. Benedikt Girardi

  10. Luciana Girardi


  1. Marijan Perčić


  1. Christian Pankretić

  2. Natalie Pankretić



  1. ‎    Ines Ivancic

  2. ‎    Dragica Kozelj

  3.     Nadalina Jelicic

  4.    Lucija Dodig

  5.   Josipa Vidackovic

  6.     Ivana Krndelj

  7. ‎    Karla Kovacic

  8.     Marko Peric-Giorgino

  9. ‎    Stjepan Kozelj

  10. Maryann Kutleša



  1. Fr. Marko Štefanec, pastor at St. Nikola Tavelić in Winnipeg


  1. Franco Crnkovic




  1. Nancy-Paris Rosen‎

  2. Iva Petrinovic

  3. Rosemary Colakic

  4. Andelka Zelich

  5. Tatiana Petrinovic

  6. Julia Toric

  7. Michael Beg

  8. Anamary Trdina

  9. Ivana Mandac

  10. Noah Vujica

  11. Josipa Vujica Topalovic

  12. Daniel Mrše

  13. Justin Martinko



  1. fra Tomislav Pek, pastor at St. Nikola Tavelić in Montreal


  1. ‎Antonia Frankovic

  2. Gabriela Grubesic‎ ‎   

  3. Samantha Plantic‎

  4. Vanesa Mijačković

  5. Vincent McClearu

  6. Kristina Miletić

  7. Ivana Vidjen

  8. Natalie Novak



  1. ‎Mary Brajak
    2. Robert Kardum


       1. Juraj Mirda


      New York

  1. fra Željko Barbarić, associate pastor at Sts. Cyril and Methodius, NYC


  1. Emanuela Jerčić
    2. Filip Vukina ‎
    3. Juraj Vivana Šokičić ‎
    4.Sara Sučić ‎
    5. Lina Nižetić
    6. Ema Vukina ‎
    7. Ivan Lovrić
    8. Vilko Vukina
    9. Josip Gregić
    10. Ivan Sušac
    11. Petra Erceg



  1. Tomislav Šarić

  2. Marko Mesić

  3. Tomislav Škara



Please contact Croatian Martyrs at 1-905-826-8844